The Big Machine facilitated by CAT SCOTT, Raindawg, and Continuum
July 12, 2014 "The Big Machine," was a collaborative effort between myself, the artist Raindawg, Continuum Performance Art and several other artists and volunteers to create a multidisciplinary show that centered around the ideas of gentrification and displacement. Held at the Foundry on July 12th, we asked artists, poets, and musicians to consider the effects that gentrification has had in their lives as well as their roles and responsibilities in the processes of displacement. "Gentrification" as conceived by myself and the show's organizers, is a specific process that isn't just the improvement of a neighborhood or the moving of wealthy people into a previously impoverished neighborhood. "Gentrification" is specifically a result of segregated economies and the commodification of housing. We instead call for improvement and growth that encourages integration, community growth, and stability for the existing community. As we grow and improve our civic and private amenities it's important to be conscious of improving in a way that is egalitarian and strengthens everyone involved. The show brought between 300-400 people, though there was no official count since the show was free and required no passes. Besides co-creating and organizing the show, I also participated with my own performance, Big Machines, Little Bodies as a teaser for the show and then with my performance The Labyrinth of Living Intuitions at the event itself. The event was massive and exciting, an extensive showcase of Houston's local artists and a personally empowering experience.